Balance is the most important in any project today. Since 2005 Gonçalo has collaborated with us and we have always felt a balance between efficiency, know how, flexibility and professionalism. In all our projects, both in Espinho and in London, our expectations and expectations are always exceeded.

/José André - Ora Corporate


GPDESIGN exceeded my expectations with the creation of the brand identity for Alkali, and has always provided a detailed & efficient service that communicated the brands values energetically & dynamucally. I would highly recommend their work.

/A ALOK Y SHUKLA - Clinical Director Alkali Aesthetics


The Junior Pro Espinhowas once again a very well planned and executed event under the organisation ofGonçalo Pina and his dedicated team.  

Before finishing I would like to thank Gonçalo Pina for his dedication and enthusiasm which is highly contagious and results in a fantastic relationship in all the phases of organisation. Pre-event, during the event and post event -AWESOME!!!!! 

/Rob Gunning - WSL Europe Tour Manager


As Marketing Director of Equiassiste, Lda., I have been privileged to attend GPDESIGN's growth. I say, with privilege, because I was fortunate to find, together with this Company, the collaboration, the friendship and the good service, which only a few privileged seek to achieve.

The human contact, inexhaustible, the availability to all the proof, allied to the demonstrated competence and innovation, make of the GPDESIGN, the business partner indispensable for those who look for competitiveness, but also seriousness and good taste.




It is with great pleasure and privilege that we have worked with GPDESIGN (Gonçalo Pina) for more than 10 years. The creativity and the way it presents the solutions to the requests and challenges that we create, always surprise us with a great confidence in all the work developed.

/Fernando Ferro - Grupo Fernando Ferro